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carte Cracking the Code

Cracking the code

The book is a story about Mike, a young man who loves gadgets and technology. He tries to learn about hacking and makes new friends, but his obsession starts to harm his relationships with loved ones.

Despite the conflicts and struggles, he keeps pursuing his passion, and it changes his life forever.

The book explores the ups and downs of technology and how we pursue our passions, even when it’s difficult.

Empowering Parents to Protect Our Digital Generation

We held an insightful and transformative webinar on "Empowering Parents to Protect Our Digital Generation." In the digital age that was emerging at the time, children were increasingly surrounded by technology and the internet, leaving them vulnerable to potential online threats, privacy breaches, and exposure to inappropriate content.

The webinar explored the challenges parents faced in safeguarding their children from these digital risks, and offered practical solutions and strategies to help them become more confident and knowledgeable digital guardians. Our expert panelists discussed various topics, including online privacy, social media safety, screen time management, and cyberbullying prevention.

Participants were provided with valuable resources and tools to help them understand the rapidly evolving digital landscape and make informed decisions about their children's online activities. This interactive session also featured a live Q&A segment, where parents had the opportunity to ask their questions and share their concerns with industry experts.

The "Empowering Parents to Protect Our Digital Generation" webinar aimed to create a supportive community of informed and proactive parents who were dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of their children in an increasingly digital world.

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Online Safety Courses

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The interactive and engaging program aims to empower young minds with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the digital world safely. Covering essential topics such as secure browsing habits, social media privacy, and digital citizenship, these courses provide practical guidance and tips to help teens make informed decisions about their online activities.


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